The Best of The Indian Startup Show — Part 10

Neil Patel
3 min readOct 30, 2019

Big News I am starting a production company creating Indian based dramas documentaries & animation shows package them up for multicultural audiences around the world. So if you are writer ,scriptwriter, producer animators or know someone who is or has an original and interesting story tell or want to pitch me your concepts Then get in touch and we can turn this into the next big Netflix / Amazon Prime show.

Please get in touch , email title production. Thank you for downloading the Best of The Indian Startup Show Part 10. So Today you will hear from

Ganesh Shankar, Co-Founder of FluxGen — On Solving India’s Water Shortage Crisis.

“WHO WILL MARRY YOU!” — Ganesh’s mother’s reaction to him quitting General Electric & starting his own company! A start-up company based in Bangalore they has developed a low-cost and local Internet of Things (IoT) solution for energy and water management (EWM). So in this podcast we talk about — How he got the idea, how it works, the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life to bootstrapping the company.

We also talk about management styles & why the 14th February is an important date! Nothing to do with Valentine’s day! Future of Indian Startups. Stats. The cultural advantages of Indian startups. He also talks about an inspirational cycling adventure from Bangalore to Goa.

Examples of troubles & challenges
Stats so far
Starting the business without a business plan
Can anyone be an Entrepreneur?
What problem are they solving?
Aims and objectives in the next 2 years
How does he keep on top of things
His management styles “You focus on your work, I will focus on your career!”
Life at General Electric
Comparing management styles between Fluxgen & General Electric
Cycling chat!

Next up is Vineet Rajan , Co-Founder of Scout My Trip — On building India’s premier do-it-yourself platform for road trips .

When Vineet was 5 years old, his dad shoved him into a car and took him on his first ever road trip! Now he is the co-founder of Scout My Trip, a platform & planner for road trips anywhere in India, they are doing really well. Its a big market 90% of all travel today is by road. 60% of all vacations today are road trips. We talk about how he got 5,000 signups before launching, being part of a tech accelerator, mistakes he has made on the way, to being profitable. We also talk about amazing road trips you can try, His passion for riding his Royal Enfield bike around India and much more.

In this conversation we also talk about:

Stats for far
Meeting his co-founder on the highway
What he calls his Royal Enfield bike!
A key takeaway from being in an accelerator
Trying to be the Uber for travel agents.
Getting people to the website
Can anyone be an entrepreneur?
Iconic road trips in India
Road trips do’s and don’ts
What keeps him up a night?
Having a supportive dad
Taking risks
Lessons learned
The dream trip
Bill Gates chat

And finally Mathew Browne, CEO of Kolkata Yoga Club — On bringing Yoga to the masses!

we talk about the difficult first 3 months in his startup journey, marketing tactics, pricing strategies, roadmaps, his management style, getting into the corporate wellness space we also discuss laughter yoga, super brain yoga, desk yoga and some Conor McGregor chat as well and much much more so please enjoy the show!

in this conversation we also talk about:

Delivering yoga to your home
How they got started
Painting walls to attract customers
No pushy sales!
Who are they targeting?
Popular classes
Thoughts on online yoga apps
Why Yoga?
Dealing with Corporate companies
How big do they want to go with this?

I would like to pay tribute to everyone listening and subscribing to show for the past four years. Without you, this podcast would not have been possible! I’m very grateful.



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