Summit Nayak of Ekank — On building a story-telling platform that aims to promote art, culture, history & heritage.

Neil Patel
2 min readApr 21, 2022

Transforming storytelling. Today my guest is Summit Nayak — Co-founder of Ekank. They are building a storytelling platform, democratising non-fiction by bringing lost and forgotten history to the forefront. He talks about how they got this off the ground.

Talks about ignoring the experts who told him not to build the product because it wasn’t cool enough. But since launching they have 13.8 million monthly active users, spending in total 74 million minutes on the app and have raised a cool $1million in funding.

He talks about building the community, gives thoughts on product management. He talks about building a niche product. Why they are different from other platforms. Talks about the creator economy and scaling too fast in the early days. Pitching & fundraising insights. Declining attention spans. Having a pool of creators & storytellers. And finally he shares his favourite stories (The Battle of Plassey) and much more.

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • Building a culture company
  • What problem are they solving?
  • Research & customer development
  • Having a proven track record in building startups
  • First impressions of his co-founder.
  • Understanding what the market wants
  • Is it pressure off or on after raising $
  • Gamification
  • Talking to the experts — William Dalrymple
  • Business model
  • Key metrics they focus on
  • Why they invite creators
  • Hiring/interview process

And much more

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