Srinath Ravichandran of Agnikul on building India’s first private small satellite rocket.

Neil Patel
2 min readMay 21, 2022


The Indian Startup Show — EPISODE 192

Launching rockets into space! My guest is Srinath Ravichandran CEO & co-founder of Agnikul, a Chennai-based Indian aerospace manufacturer specialising in building launch vehicles capable of taking micro and nano-satellites to Low Earth Orbit, on-demand.

He started as an outsider , working in finance but his heart was always in aerospace. In this episode he talks about the crazy amount of networking, cold calling professors and asking himself some existential questions to get this off the ground!

He talks about going through the Airbus Incubator. Raising $11million in Series A funding. Talks about 3D technology, the business model. Great product milestones. Why India is the best place to build rockets. Talks about the Space Tech community in india.

Thoughts on Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos endeavours. Talks about dealing with red tape & the government. He gives great advice on networking if you’re a bit shy and finally he talks about why he thinks there is life on other planets and why it could be a good thing!

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • Making the experience of going into space , like booking an Uber
  • Meeting his co-founder playing cricket.
  • Advice for first time founders.
  • Personalising the building of the rocket.
  • Advice on starting your own space tech startup.
  • Educating investors using a 3 step process
  • Dealing with the doubters.
  • Living close to SpaceX in the early days.
  • Building the engine using 3D tech.
  • Why building a rocket company is like running a transportation business.

And much more


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