Siddharth Dialani, Co-founder of BharatAgri. On building a farming technology platform , bridging the gap between technology & agriculture in India

Neil Patel
2 min readJan 10, 2021

100 million famers are expected to be online in the next 5 years. So today I speak to Siddharth Dialani, co-founder & CEO of BharatAgri a farming technology platform where they work with farmers directly. improving their productivity. Think of it as a digital farming assistant.

So in this episode he talks about what inspired him to do this, building the first prototype. The problems farmers face. Time spent working on a farm for a year & being treated like an outsider .

He then talks about how they create an algorithm that decreases the cost of production to farmers. Talks about how they use analytics to improve the customer journey. Talks about raising finance , how you should pitch investors. Why ‘investors want you to do less not more’ How they on-board farmers online. And finally he talks about his time at The current farmers strike and being awarded Forbes 30 under 30!

In this conversation we also talk about:-

  • Insights gained from talking to over 400 farmers
  • Why agriculture is a complicated business.
  • Farmers not understanding the share icon & notification icon. And how they changed it
  • Soil/water/weather parameters that go into building an algorithm.
  • Quickly pivoting to a digital strategy during the pandemic
  • Thoughts on product market fit
  • What will farming look like in 20 years time?
  • Pitching & getting $50k from Uber.
  • Book recommendations.

and much more



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