Priyanka Madnani, of Easy to Pitch. ​​On building India’s fastest-growing one-stop pitching platform for startup founders.

Make your startup investment ready! Today my guest is Priyanka Madnani, Founder & CEO of Easy to Pitch. Easy to Pitch is one of the fastest-growing one-stop pitching solutions for start-up founders & entrepreneurs looking to raise capital for their unique ideas. Since starting she now helps over 500 startups and reviewed over 5000 decks.

So in this episode she talks about how she spotted a gap in the market for pitching solutions. Talks about helping founders and what investors are looking for. She talks about what founders should include in the pitch deck & getting your first 3 slides right.

She talks about whether you should demo the product and thoughts on Shark Tank pitches. She talks about what founders struggle with when pitching. She talks about the reality of funding and a 10 second pitch which helped her get a client. She goes on to talk about branding, building relationships, winning awards and leadership. and much more!

In this conversation we talk about:

  • What inspired her to do this?
  • Why her first ever pitch deck flopped and how she turned it all around
  • Not everyone gets funding
  • Advice on starting your own brand.
  • Having no role models or mentors at the start.
  • Starting a Facebook group and using Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin.
  • Being a top entrepreneur in india
  • Getting funded.
  • Don’t forget the financials!
  • Being a solo player and turning into a team player.
  • Advice on finding a co-founder
  • Make sure you practice and be patient

And much more



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