Prince Thomas, CEO & Co-founder of MetaShot on building the world’s first console-like cricket game

Neil Patel
2 min readJun 6, 2024

Experience real cricket at home! In this episode, I sit down with Prince Thomas, co-founder of MetaShot, a Bangalore-based gaming startup. MetaShot offers a unique and immersive cricket experience through a cutting-edge metaphysical smart bat.

Prince shares how the idea for MetaShot emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. We discuss the early days of development, from the initial prototypes — a cricket bat with a sensor and a copy of EA Cricket 2007 — to securing significant investments from prominent investors and eventually having a best selling product on Flipkart.

Throughout our conversation, Prince delves into the intricacies of how MetaShot works, the major challenges faced, and why they chose to launch exclusively in Bangalore initially. He offers insights into their marketing funnel strategies, leveraging social media influencers, and handling both positive and negative feedback.

We also explore the future of the gaming industry in India, pitching to investors, and using customer feedback to refine the game. Prince shares his experiences working with co-founders, the unwavering support from his wife, and overcoming scepticism from his father in the early years. Additionally, he reveals some fascinating hiring strategies. We talk about the T20 in America, being a cricket nut and finally an interesting tale on the origins of his name.


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