On a mission to make the world a safer place. Harshwardhan Zala founder of Aerobotics7. A robotics startup working on life-saving technology as a service.

India’s drone whizz kid Harshwardhan Zala is on the show today. He has built a drone that sniffs out landmines. So In this conversation we talk about how it all got started at the age of 9. Spending 6–8 hours in a cyber cafe with his grandfather. Being inspired by a YouTube video where soldiers were trying to defuse a mine.

Talks about the remarkable journey from not being taken seriously to be mentioned in the speech by PM of Israel. Talks about working with the indian government and military. Talks about how they implement AI/Machine learning and GPS in the drone and how it all works.

Talks about being invited to Silicon Valley, Talks about The early prototypes, accuracy rates, the successful demos and not so successful demos! Working with adults. Talks about the future of drones . He then goes on to talk about burnout, and some insights on the drone community in India. And what makes a great developer.

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • Teaching engineering graduates at the age of 12 for extra pocket money
  • Thoughts on being called a child prodigy/genius
  • Completing 40+ projects by the age of 12
  • The hardware, software and design challenges.
  • Dropping out of school
  • How you can get started with hardware development
  • Public perception of drones
  • Not having enough drone parts in India.
  • Great tips on staying focus
  • The problem — 110 active mines buried around the world.
  • Developing code in-house v open source
  • When will it go live?

and much more




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and finally …PLEASE STAY SAFE!!

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