Nitesh Salvi — Founder & CEO of Pocket52 on building India’s largest poker platform.

  • You Got to Know When to Hold Them, Know When to Fold Them!

Today I speak to Nitesh Salvi, founder and CEO of Pocket52. He talks about how he went from playing poker in the late nights in his student dorm with friends to building India’s largest poker platform!

He talks about how they build trust and loyalty on the platform. Talks about getting rejected over 150 times despite already having a previously successful exit.

He talks about creating a white label business as well as a B2C model. Talks about the psychological side of Poker. Dealing with fraud. And we talk about gambling responsibly

and finally he talks about his biggest wins and losses on the poker table! and much more.

in this conversation we also talk about

  • Growing the user base
  • Spending 6/7 months researching the market
  • Coin dumping
  • Building a scalable product
  • The importance of using Lava lamps!
  • Pitch deck advice
  • Creating the right environment for customers
  • Advice for first time entrepreneurs
  • Playing poker with his family
  • Reading people

and much more



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music by Punch Deck.