Megha Gambhir co-founder & CEO of Stupa Sports Analytics on building a global sports analytics company.

Neil Patel
2 min readApr 9, 2024

Driven by love for Table Tennis. Megha Gambhir, is the amazing co-founder and CEO of Stupa Sports Analytics. Her company is revolutionising the world of sports by providing athletes with cutting-edge analytics and insights to improve their performance.

She talks about how she got started with a MVP — an Excel spreadsheet, to now working the ITTF and multiple international federations on her client list and a number of global clients. She talks about leaving a well-paying job to figure it all out.

Talks about working with her husband (pros & cons) She talks about pivoting. Building a B2B AI-based SaaS platform, enabling end-to-end tournament management with live streaming and building an AI-based video analysis solution.

She talks about funding. The two main questions VC’s asked about. Advice for building an MVP . What should a first time entrepreneur be focusing on? Manifesting things, and table tennis tips. So please enjoy the show.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Being in a data driven world
  • Matches analysed.
  • What excites her most about building this startup
  • Digitising sports events.
  • Being motivated my money.
  • Bring an IT professional turned entrepreneur,
  • Video analysis.
  • Implementation
  • Real time analytics and performances (KPIs)

And much more


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