Karan Singh, CEO & Founder of Aristobrat, on redefining fashion entrepreneurship in India.

Neil Patel
2 min readMay 16, 2024

Step into the dynamic world of Indian menswear fashion with our latest episode! Join us as we sit down with Karan Singh, the creative force behind Aristobrat, a brand renowned for its premium men’s clothing. In this insightful conversation, Karan takes us on a journey from his inspiration drawn from a transformative trip to Scandinavia to the inception of his own fashion brand.

Delve into his innovative financial strategies, including the use of factoring, and gain a deeper understanding of India’s burgeoning menswear scene. Discover Karan’s pearls of wisdom as he discusses crafting a brand strategy, mastering social media marketing, how he came up with the name and his take on social media influencers.

He unveils his secrets behind effective Google & Meta ads campaigns and his unique perspective on decision fatigue. Karan talks about his favorite brands, the importance of gut instincts in business, and learning how to navigate competition while staying true to your brand’s narrative.

But that’s not all! Karan shares his fashion disasters, reveals the benefits of avoiding the news, discusses whether Indian men are fashionable compared to the rest of the world, and explains why focusing on the constant rather than the changing is key. For aspiring founders, Karan offers invaluable advice, and for fashion enthusiasts, he provides expert tips to elevate your wardrobe game.



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