Aruna Chawla, founder of Salad — A FemTech startup building wellness for women & disrupting the face of a $100bn + global industry

Neil Patel
2 min readMar 10, 2023

Enabling the well-being of more than 355 million Indian women through products, experiences, and experts. Today my guest is Aruna Chawla, founder of Salad, a lifestyle planner mobile app that support women to better manage their health throughout the menstrual cycle by providing personalised nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle advice.

She talks about her own personal journey of being in and out of hospital. She talks about building an MVP without a CTO or developers. Aruna talks about why they don’t want to go viral and or build landing pages. She talks about the first version of Salad, a condom company which sold 20,000 in only two months with no paid marketing.

She talks about her time at the Antler India residency , where they raised a pre-seed round and met her co-founder. She talks about being a FemTech founder in India and the size of the market. Every month, nearly 1.8 billion people across the world menstruate, and nearly 85% of this group suffer from hormonal imbalances.

She talks about hormones , period tracking and finally she talks about her super strength and advice on how to build healthier habits and goals using behavioural science and much more!

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Keeping it lean
  • Stats so far
  • Having a bias of action
  • Not wanting to be a founder or do a startup in the beginning.
  • First impressions of her co-founder
  • The state of the sexual wellness and FemTech industry india.
  • Conducting over 1000 interviews with women across Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.
  • 6 years of research
  • Her motivations.
  • Shaking up the healthcare industry.

and much more


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