Anmol Saxena CEO of Ashva WearTech , on building a wearables startup in India.

The wearable devices market in India is expected to reach a sales volume of 16.22 million units by 2024. So today I speak to Anmol Saxena, the CEO & founder of Ashva Weartech. They develop wearable solutions for chronic knee pain & spine.

So in this episode she talks about her own battles with knee pain that inspired to build a prototype at a hackathon. And since then they not looked back! She talks about how the products work, quitting her job at Ford. Building a MVP. Talks product development.

She talks about her research in the early days. She went to 50 clinics and spoke to over 110 knee pain patients. She talks about dealing with feature requests and how they kill products. Getting paying customers and then having to refund them and then getting to pay again! Why they use an Excel spreadsheet when things go wrong. Partnering with one of India’s leading physiotherapist.

Talks about an offline marketing campaign that worked really well. Talks about sales forecasts for next year. How they onboard customers. And finally she talks about how the lean business model canvas can help you with your pitch.

In this conversation we also talk about:-

  • The wearables market in India
  • Having a great team
  • Mudra — a motion sensor worn on the upper back. It corrects your spine posture with sensory feedback.
  • Sales forecasts for next year
  • Creating a reporting system for chronic knee pain
  • Getting support from Mum and Dad after quitting Ford.
  • Book recommendation — The art of startup fund raising — Alejandro Cremades
  • 3 stages of building the first MVP.
  • 8/10 patients do not turn up to the clinic after the first session.
  • The two business models
  • Stress!
  • Going through an incubator
  • Not having access to high quality physio in the early days

and much more



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music by Punch Deck.



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